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I just recently stepped back into my recording studio the other day to continue work on my forthcoming CD, “Tears in the rain”. You can hear some demo samples at I had taken a break from the project as I was running dry on creative juice. Doing these things all on your own is [...]

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Product Review – Bose L1 Personal Amplification System

Hi All. Well, today I’m doing my first product review. This one is for the Bose PAS/L1. First up, the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own and are not those neccessarily shared by the Bose corporation. Ok, all the official crap is now out of the way. Let’s get into it. First [...]

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Podcast Interview – Guitar Legend Kevin Borich

Welcome to buy cialis online uk another Improve Your Music Podcast. In this interview I'm talking with Aussie guitar legend , Kevin Borich. We met up at the Coogee Bay Hotel on a Thursday afternoon for what was more of a “free discussion” than a detailed structured interview. Kevin will be celebrating his 60th birthday [...]

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Rock around the clock – A solo study

Greetings one and all. In this article I wanted to have a look at a particular guitar solo. Namely the little gem performed by Danny Cedrone for Bill Haley and the comets on the classic, “Rock around the clock”. I had just finished knocking this one up in my studio to use as a backing [...]

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Podcast Interview – George Golla

Welcome to another Improve Your Music podcast. In this installment I'm talking with renowned jazz guitarist, George Golla. At 71 years of age, George is still going strong and is a regular feature on the live music scene. brain2pass Any guitarist buy cialis who knows his history knows George Golla.I'd never met George until I [...]

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Podcast Interview – Guitarist Peter Pik

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Online Guitar Lesson – Soloing Part 3 – Finishing off the Pentatonic scale

Update: Welcome one and all to our very first podcast. At the end of this article you will find a link to hear Mark Johnson explaining and demonstrating some of the techniques discussed in this series of articles on soloing. Mark has worked hard on getting this series and its' accompanying podcast out and I [...]

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Online Guitar Lesson – Soloing Part 2 – More on the Pentatonic Scale

So you've looked at the basic Pentatonic scale and now you want to liven it up a bit.Excellent Grasshopper.As I mentioned before, the Pentatonic scale is the basis of my soloing Kung Fu, and my Kung Fu is strong. I assume if you've grasped the principles of part one, then yours too is becoming somewhat [...]

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Online Guitar Lesson – Soloing Part 1

I want to address in this installment the almost lost art of soloing. Why? Because it's what I get asked about the most.I may have to spread this candian pharmacies viagra across a couple of installments, but let's see how we go. In years gone by, I was a total guitar meglomaniac and everything had [...]

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10 Questions – Mark Johnson

buy essay online if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link140″).style.display=”none”;} download oem software Welcome to the first installment in a new series of interviews that I've entitled “10 Questions”. As usual I've tested this out on my friend and fellow contributor Mark Johnson first, with instructions to pass the questions on to a few others. Stay tuned for more [...]

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