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Raising Finance For An Album

Over recent times we have looked at alternative ways of selling your music online. The internet has been an amazing tool for musicians and has leveled the playing field enormously. Once upon a time if you weren’t with a record company you had no hope of ever releasing an album. While the internet has done [...]

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Collaborating Online

Nothing beats the experience of playing with other musicians. No matter if it’s performing with a band, jamming with a friend or writing a song with someone. The act of sharing is a big part of music for a lot of people. However today’s busy lifestyles make it hard to spend as much time as [...]

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Selling your music online Part 3 – Pump Audio

So far in my series on Selling Your Music Online we’ve looked at moving physical CD’s with CD Baby and selling digital downloads using Tunecore to get you into iTunes & others. In both of these cases we have been looking at selling our music to fans. Those people who listen to our music for [...]

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More links – Songwriting 101 and Becoming a Pro Drummer

Here are a couple of links to some great articles I’ve found recently. First up, here is an article on songwriting from CJ Alvarado: Songwriting 101 There are a lot of resources out there that talk about song structure, rhyme and other theories about constructing songs but I will not touch on those in this [...]

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I just recently stepped back into my recording studio the other day to continue work on my forthcoming CD, “Tears in the rain”. You can hear some demo samples at I had taken a break from the project as I was running dry on creative juice. Doing these things all on your own is [...]

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