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Internet Radio For Cars

I know I’m biased because I run an Internet Radio Station, but I was blown away to read the story of an Internet Radio reciever for cars in today’s news. It has just been a matter of time before something like this came along and will be a huge lift to the Internet radio industry. [...]

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Website Case Study

As you’ve no-doubt seen, we’ve launched a new website out of this one recently, called Taking Your Music Online. I’m really excited about this new site and the response so-far has been brilliant. Yesterday I released the first of a series of Case Studies where I look over a band’s website, point out the good [...]

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Compulsory Reading – 10 Mistakes that bands and musicians make

David Hooper has written one of the most sensible and straightforward articles I’ve ever read on the subject of “success” in the music business. It should be compulsory reading for anyone even slightly interested in a career in music. It is entitled 10 mistakes that bands and musicians make. Here is point 7 which talks [...]

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