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Playing To A Click Track Is Hard!

I got a call this week to come in and help with a recording. A friend of mine is recording an album and he’s just not been happy with the drum part he’s getting. He started off with a drum machine for the basic feel and recorded some guide guitar and vocal parts. The drum [...]

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Building A Home Studio – Update

Way back in October last year I mentioned that I was planning to build a practice studio in my garage so I thought I’d update you on the progress. That won’t take long… there hasn’t been any! A few things got in the way, the main thing being the budget or lack of budget. When [...]

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Sound Reduction Solutions – Garage Band Practice

Over the next little while I will be doing a series of articles on a topic dear to the hearts of most musicians, the home studio. Whether it’s purely for practice or for recording, we’d all love a place where we can go to make a bit of noise without bothering the neighbours or to [...]

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Improving Your Improvisation Skills

Music is undoubtedly a form of communication and/or expression. Coincidently, the skills of improvisation are certainly related to the dexterity and formalities that are imperative to accomplishing your role as a communicator. Therefore, as you are preparing to become a musician, improvising will firmly assists with your development of the overall perception and understanding of [...]

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You Can Learn To Play By Ear

Did you know that there are many people who can naturally play by ear? Often they sing by ear as well. Sure, they may be able to follow along as the music moves up and down the scale of the page they are looking at while performing. However, in reality, they never learned the difference [...]

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Internalizing The Beat Once For All

Here is a great article I found recently on a subject very dear to my heart. Call it feel, timing, groove, the beat, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you call it, you need to have it. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play, you are probably going to have to play with other muso’s at some [...]

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Making the most of your music lessons.

So you’ve made the decision to have music lessons. Great. Now how do you make sure that you get the absolute best value and the most progress from your lessons? here are a few tips to help. First and foremost, ask yourself the question “What do I want out of this?” “Why am I coming [...]

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How much do I need to practice?

As a music teacher one of the most common questions I got was “How much do I need to practice?” Well, the simple answer to that is “How good would you like to be?” I say it’s the simple answer because there are many factors involved but usually it all comes back to putting in [...]

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Quiet Practice for Drummers.

Lets face it folks, playing the drums can be a noisy experience and not all of us are blessed with a soundproof room or studio to practice in. A few years ago I lived right next door to a young drummer so I know what it is like. So what are our options when we’ve [...]

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Practice makes perfect, right?

Practice makes perfect, right? Almost. Practice is always central to any improvement in playing your musical instrument. Practice by itself is not enough though. To make genuine improvement you need to modify the old saying slightly. From: “Practice makes perfect.” To: “Perfect practice makes perfect.” It’s a small but very important difference. What it means [...]

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