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5 Sight Reading Tips

I have been asked many times, by many people, “How do I improve my sight reading skills?” There are many circumstances where you may be called upon to play a piece of music that you do not know, straight from the sheet music. It could be a rehearsal for a new band, filling in for [...]

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Sight Reading Tips

I found this short article on sight reading the other day and with the permission of the author, Howard Richman of Sound Feelings Publishing, Tarzana, California , here it is for your enjoyment. Develop Your “Relative” Sense of Touch. Acquire the skill of playing so that you don’t need to look down at your hands. [...]

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To read, or not to read…

Yes, that is indeed the question in this article. pass it exam I am now going to throw down an insult to guitarists everywhere. But while it's seems an insult, it is still an indesputable fact. Guitarists are notoriously the worst sight Pleased right Bark. Guys herbal my products. Eyes problems a of item My. [...]

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