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Website Case Study

As you’ve no-doubt seen, we’ve launched a new website out of this one recently, called Taking Your Music Online. I’m really excited about this new site and the response so-far has been brilliant. Yesterday I released the first of a series of Case Studies where I look over a band’s website, point out the good [...]

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Taking Your Music Online

We are very excited to announce the release of our first eBook, “Taking Your Music Online.” It is a collection of some of our best articles as well as some exclusive new material. We take the “business of music” very seriously here as this is the area where most musicians fall down. Time after time [...]

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Raising Finance For An Album

Over recent times we have looked at alternative ways of selling your music online. The internet has been an amazing tool for musicians and has leveled the playing field enormously. Once upon a time if you weren’t with a record company you had no hope of ever releasing an album. While the internet has done [...]

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Do You Really Need A Record Company?

We have recently looked at a number of online services that can help the “less famous” bands and artists release their own music to the paying public. Services like Tunecore and CD Baby allow you to distribute your music to a very widespread marketplace and to completely bypass the whole record company thing. But is [...]

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Online busking, is it really worth it?

The band Radiohead made all the news shows and papers this year after announcing they were going to release an album and let the fans decide how much, if anything, they would pay. It seems like a pretty brave move to let the customer have the product for free with no guarantee of any return [...]

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Selling your music online Part 3 – Pump Audio

So far in my series on Selling Your Music Online we’ve looked at moving physical CD’s with CD Baby and selling digital downloads using Tunecore to get you into iTunes & others. In both of these cases we have been looking at selling our music to fans. Those people who listen to our music for [...]

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Selling your music online Part 2 – Tunecore

In Part 1 of Selling your music online we looked at moving CD’s through CD Baby. In this installment we are going to start to look at some of the services to distribute your music digitally ie downloading it over the internet rather than shipping a physical CD. While Cd’s still outsell digital downloads, that [...]

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Selling your music online Part 1 – CD Baby

OK, you’ve spent your hard earned money putting together a recording of your band, you’ve had some copies pressed and now you are wondering how you are going to get rid of them to get your money back or even make a profit! Sure you can sell a few at gigs and a few to [...]

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